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I am an author, not an artist. So all you'll see from me is stories. Though I do occasionally post Skyrim and Minecraft pictures, but unless they have a story to them, they don't stick around for long. You'll notice that most stories are marked mature on all chapters. This is me following the rules more than anything. There is Violence, and Cursing. According to DA, that is mature, so I have marked it as such. Otherwise I would not. I also have a youtube channle under the same name, but no videos currently. I'd appreciate support on either one. Thanks!

Random Favourites

Just stay out of my faves. It's better that way. Trust me.
Gained a few watchers since last time, here's the info. Plus I just accidentally deleted the last one.

Bit of self advertisment for those who are curious. I've done this before, but gained a few watchers since then.

Youtube:… vids yet, but one day.

Steam: Guardian-of-Light137

Elsword: LGuardian137

PSN PS3 ONLY: TheLightGuardian.

Minecraft: GuardianofLight7

Art by :iconart-of-aces:

Question-Meme Generator…… Many works need to be unfaved.

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NOTE: Use the site Listenonrepeat to look up these same songs, or ANY video from youtube, and listen to them over and over again. As well as customize start and stop locations, AND a play list.… Ar tonelico 2 melody of Metafalica. Reisha's lullaby.… Anime festival Asia. Promotional animation.… Lugia's song, for GoL.… Inuyasha. Affections touching across time.… Kingdom hearts. Organization 13 theme.… Kingdom hearts. Darkness of the unknown.

[link] Kingdom hearts Sanctuary. (Use with Mlh's touching scene.)… Miku project DIVA F. Tengaku.… Miku project DIVA F. Ashes to Ashes.… Kingdom hearts bbs. Unforgetable. (Boss battle)… Kingdom hearts bbs. Dark impetus. (Mysterious figure)… Ultimate power. (Fight song)… Rundases battle theme.… Guns of icarus. (The long good match)… Dark Bowser 10 hours.… L's theme.… Hurry.… Sword art online (Fight)… Staring at the sun. (Deadlox's theme)… A dispair filled farewell. (Shadow of the colossus Avion theme)… Light in the Darkness. (Newgrounds song)… Megaman 2 Wily's stage 1+2… Touhou epic song. (To be used in the final Tyler vs Dan fight)… Dwarf hole 2 hours… Encounter with ! sound.… Ar tonelico 2 melody of Metafalica semi final boss theme.… Lacrimosa by Immediate music.… United we stand divided we fall.… Exorcist.… Final fantasy 10 battle theme.… Puella Magi.… Deku palace.… Green forest. (Sonic adventure 2 battle.)… She is still sleeping. (SAO)… Welcome to the Darkness.… Sonamy. (What hurts the most.)… Let's brawl.… Diggy diggy hole. (New version.)… Night of fate extended. (Original.)… Night of fate extended. (RE: COM.)… FNAF2 Awsome music video.… Only my railgun.… Megu megu fire endless night.… Method Metafalica.… SAO Gracefully.… SAO A tiny love.… Emiya. Guitar Version. There are many variations all are good.… Replekia.… Azalia.… Big car theft 10 hours.… Mario and Luigi Dream team. Never let up.… Mario and Luigi Dream team. Final Antasma.… The battle is to strong. (Fate stay zero.)… Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. (Emiya Illya Theme.)… Stamp on the ground. Animation.… Interstellar. Coward.… Vegeta super saiyan theme.… Sacred moon (Kingdom hearts 2.)

[link] The complex.

[link] Hopes and Dreams. (Undertale.)

[link] Dawn.

[link] Darude music.

[link] See what i've become. (Roses and Assassins When that person has had enough, and does whatever it takes to ruin Akujin's plans.)

[link] Power of will. (Guardian Angels SEMI final battle.)

[link] The rage of mars. (Guardian Angels Crimson and Azure final battle.)

[link] The GOD fist. (Guardian Angels battle against the Boss.)

[link] Ruthless queen. (Guardian Angels TRUE final battle.)

[link] Xepher.

[link] Turii.

[link] Stamp on the ground anime.

[link] Osiris.

[link] Phaedra. (Dragon's venture Amy vs Victoria.)

[link] The Earth's fall. (Dan theme for GoL?)

[link] Illusions.

Small reminders. Pyschadelicsnake stream!


Wallpaper: Brother and Sister

Groudon vs Kyogre

Primal Groudon vs Primal Kyogre… Minecraft command block spawners tutorial.… Minecraft sexy anime texture pack.

DA MonGirl Eroko Story 2… War torn inspiration, also awsome game.… Evee!… Tsukiko74's Kitsune story.… Ace atuorney story.

< small > without space to shrink text. < /small > without space to end it. Must be used as many times as < small > was used.…

Trinity2 Yoko, Rin, and Only my rail gun girl.

Show to Hunter.…

infiniteminecraftart.deviantar… Show to Kevyn and Hunter.… An amazing artist. No use for pictures found yet, but deffinet background potential.

Kakarot… Epic fire Mario!

Use shift + PrtScn at the top right for screen caps.

Check up on joyfulsushi's Cyber world project every now and then.

See kurosakikeroro for mech ideas. (War torn.)… For beam spam and other awsome stuff.……… (Japanese videos.)… Dead zed 2, + Sky's theme.… Fix skyrim vid.… The dragon language of Skyrim.… Rabbidluigi halarious video. (Channel trailer)… Rabbidluigi top ten mario games. (Fawful for smash bros moments)… Faker recreation.

 Sound jax for sounds when starting youtube.

:iconmruuuczalka: Wishes to do more of my OC's

Senran kagura shinovi versus. (MUST BUY ASAP) (Game) NOT BURST! Look up a walkthrough for that first though.

Natural selection 2. Fps/Rts Mariens vs Aliens.

Zombie panic source.… The Haunting: Minecraft movie. View to see if the next is up.… FUCKING! GENIUSE!… Chuggaaconroy. NNNNNNNOOO!

Original video.……

Let me tell you something.… Sonic prologue. I'm sure i'll find SOME use for his work.… Arrow in the knee truth.

Princess Kayami

Anime reminders.

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo.


Acchi Kocchi.

Kiniro Mosiac.

Konosuba. Aka Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Sword art online. Watched.

Black rock shooter. Watched.

Fate stay series.

Code geass S3.

Highschool DXD S3.

Gun gale online.

Familiar of Zero. Aka. Zero no Tsukaima.

Attack on titan.


Lucky star.

Fate kaleid liner. (Part of fate stay series.)

Walkure romanze.

Kodomo no jitan.

Sora no otoshimono.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance.


Heaven's lost property.


Gunslinger girl. (May be one word.)

Nanoha Strikers.


Howl's moving castle. (Let larienne know you're thoughts on it.)

Kore wa Zombie desu ka.


Date alive.

Owari no seraph.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

Samurai X.

Little witch academia.

Ladies VS Butler.

Bikini warriors.


Mouretsu Pirates.

Shakugan no Shana.

Acchi Kocchi.

Witch craft works.

Date A Live.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru darouka. Watched.


:iconl3moon-studios: See them for pixle Guardian work. NOTE! They only accept pay pal transactions.

To be said in the GoL series. "Farewell young shadow." Idk where though.… See for pictures of, anything really. The guy who draws stuff I only dream of drawing.… I have use of this somewhere, not sure where though. Possibly PS3 background.…

Cm_Sinon SAITO! *glomp* That's all you need to know Tyler.… Cute short comic.… Fa la la la la FUS ROH DAH!



Presphere. Keep an eye on this guy.

Happy Valentine's day 2015…


A tale of White and Red cover art. Credit goes to :iconthe-roaming-spirit:
Journey Title/Fan Art by The-Roaming-Spirit

(Red 2's song.)
Name: Beautiful Flower

Beuatiful flower, Guiding light. You will lead the lost ones through the night.
cast away the shadows dark, and chase away all of our spite.
Blooming with kindness and love. Keeping fear and doubt at bay
I know one day you'll wither away. But I'll be by your side, even till that day.

Beautiful flower, perfect one, your heart of gold shines like the sun.
The shadows will all flee, and all of the wicked you shall shun.
But you're still like all the rest, in the way you will someday die.
But as you rise up to the sky, to the Heavens above, I suppose we'd have to say goodbye.

But untill your final hour, you are still my beautiful flower.

To be said at both the begining, and end of Journy, once a lets play is finally made of it, and the story. "What you get from the Journey is what you make of it. The Journey can bring men happiness or sadness. The Journey can create life, and just as easily take it away. The Journey can offer the joy of discovery, or the dread of destruction. The Journey will amaze and it will terrify. And when The Journey ends, and it will end dear traveler. You will look back with happiness, love, loss, joy, fear, suffering, sadness, adventure, dread but most of all, Hope..." By nazothedark8756 on Deviantart.

Tyler is 1,001,013.

:iconshadowsgirl9: birthday is December 28. :iconbrawl3678: Is December 24.

Eternity posesses the power of Ilumnation. The perfect combination of Light and Dark. He is also the creator/brother to both Valranious and The Red warrior.

In Dragon's venture. Include a dragon that can create crystals with it's breath.

Solution to Towers of Eternity's time period. Valranious travled to the planet and destroyed all technology. Abigale brought her gunlance with her though. Because Valranious cannot teleport, he takes a long time to awaken Eternity, and uses Vex to keep an eye on the towers. Valranious must find ancient crystals and take them to the largest tower he built in order to revive Eternity and the Red warrior. The smaller towers send energy to charge the crystals.

Sunset till Dusk and Dawn till Sunrise, Twilight is inbetween both of them. Dusk shall represent more Darkness, while Dawn shall represent more Light. Exdeath shall be Dawn, with purple robes to balance his excess Light with more Darkness. Garland shall be Dusk, with light golden/green robes to balance his excess Darkness with more Light.

Pictures to be used in stories.

:iconalejandro-mirabal: Makes MANY epic works. See for Dragon's venture, War torn, GoL, and others.

I may have use for this person's pics. poeyon. Some of their works:……… Roses and Assassins.… Zion or mechs. (War torn)… Possible Zion redesign. (War torn)… Crystal dragon. (Dragon's venture)… Castle. (Princess Sanza, maybe)… City with bridge over slums. (War torn, maybe)… Frozen building. (Guardian Angels)

elizabethcute1998.deviantart.c… (The Guardian of Light. Tyler and Elizabeth's fight scene)… Towers of Eternity. (Outfit of Abigale.)… The virus. (Final fight)… (Maiden's tears cover art 1.)… Creepy house. (Unsure.)… Roses and Assassins, maybe.…  Roses and Assassins, again.… Eternaty. (Guardian of Light.)… Roses and Assassins yet again.… Guardian of Light.… Don't need this one specificly, just other pictures from this guy.… Unknown.… Dragon's venture, Wings of Legend, or SOME STORY that involves dragons.… Future city. (Various.)… Red warrior's emergance tower. (GoL) May not be used, depending on how things go.… Any story that has plans for arena combat. Likely contenders are Guardian Angels, Lost Paradise, and one other, currently unremembered.… Unknown.… See for some REAL mech designs. Another good artist.… Crystal dragon. (Dragon's venture.)… War torn.… Two twin girls summoning Cerberus. (Unknown.)… Castle built into Ice. (Princess Sanza. Kingdom of Tundura.)… Wings of Legend. Dracina design. Sort of.… Guardian Angels.… Most likely for Lost paradise, but others are possible.… Dragon's venture, maybe.… Wings of legend.… Princess Sanza. Luminite. Another great artist.… Roses and Assassins.… Guardian Angels most likely.… Guardian Angels most likely.… War torn.

Arrow of Light Similar to Eliza from GoL.

Relax between missions Abigale and the other girl in the hot springs. (Towers of Eternity.)

Possibly Lost Paradise.

My lovely harem pic. To be used somewhere, Idk where. Also to be put in all chapters of Mlh.

If my lovely harem continues after GoL, this is to be used in it.

protect by kawaii2penguin

Lightning help.

Lightningboy by Roro102900

If you've come this far, you are SERIOUSLY risking major spoilers now.

Story ideas.

Individual work, Spirit of a friend: A japanese School girl has a strange dream where 3 other girls fight her. (For reasons unknown.) When the fighting is done, they shake hands and become friends. But then a voice calls out behind the main girl. It is her friend who's been dead for 3 months. She gives her a red ribbon with white lace on the side, with three names on it, stitched in white. She turns to the other three girls, and lines them up with the names. She then wakes up to find the ribbon on her night stand. Later she's walking through the school hall with the ribbon in hand, when she runs into the three girls from her dream. One quickly notices the ribbon and calls her out on stealing it. She is about to hit the main girl for taking it, when the third tells her that she has it in her backpack. After realizing she was telling the truth, the first girl steps back and appologizes. (Could be an explination as for why they fight in the dream.) The main girl then questions how she got the ribbon, and tells them what happened. They are alll shocked to find out that the ribbon is identical to theirs. But even more so to find out the main girl was friends with the girl who's dead. As it turns out, she was close friends with all 4 of them, just never told either side. After a short crying session, they become friends.

Guardian Angels: Viron were made by Arulia to wipe out humans, but something went wrong, so they attack everyone. Thus she attempts to do the job herself.

Note for Wings of Legend: Avion has the unique ability to turn into a bird. (Shadow of the colossus fans will get the reference.) Xandra just turns into a dragon. When the heros defeat Xandra, she tells them her brother left, she is asked to join them. She accepts after a speech about forgiveness.

Enemy 1: Name unknown. Size Massive. Species Shadow. Series Guardian of Light.

Inspired by Dragons and the Nazgul from Lotr, this creature has large wings attached to it's arms, and can stand on it's hind legs. Near the end of the wings, large holes are cut out on both wings. Inside them is a strange light purple energy, the energy moves like ripples on water, as if someone had just thrown a stone into the center of it. Touching these energy pools results in INSTANT vaporization. The crature is mostly black, but DEEP cracks all along it's shadowy shell reveal a much darker purple energy coming from the inside. If all it's armor is torn off, it is revealed to be a mass of purple energy. While this energy is negative, it's altered by the darkness, to be a bit more potent, thus it's purple color.

Enemy 2: Name unknown. Size equivalent to a young elephant. Species undecided, may be a machine in War torn, or a creature in any series that allows them, such as GoL, Dragon's venture, or others.

The colors, and material of this can vary, depending on what world I throw it into, but the core design remains the same. The only difference is that if it's a creature, it has a head, otherwise it's a cockpit. It has 8 long pointy legs for quick moving, and scaling things, much like a spider. Coming out the back are 4 tail like stingers. They surround the cockpit/head on all four diagnal cornors. Top left, bottom left, bottom right, and top right. When something is in reach, the appropriate stinger lunges forward at speeds so fast you'd miss it if you blinked. The draw back of this is that only one can attack at a time. (That decision is not final.) It's a simple creature/machine, but dangerous if done right.

Ordinary: The story goes very Zelda esc. (Or pretty much any fantasy adventure type game really.) An ancient evil awakens to lay waste to the world. BUT WAIT! Don't worry, the prophecy shall be fulfilled. It speaks of a brave warrior who will rise against the odds, and face all challenges. He will be born on a specific time and date that is spoken of, and he will be blessed by the god(ess)(s). Nothing could possibly stop ........... wait ... what? He died fighting the ancient evil?! B but that's impossible, the prophecy said he would be born and slay the evil. How could this happen?!

Turns out the evil knew the prophecy, and managed to prepare in the most expert way possible, and killed the hero of legend in single combat. Dispite all the odds, dispite all that was said, dispite EVERYTHING! The hero lost. ... Oh well, guess you'll just have to do it. Ordinary. (probably the best title of the three.) Sees you create your own character who starts as a child. Kinda similar to the fable series really. You grow up in the dystopian medieval world ruled by an evil ... person, idk. You live in constant fear of being executed just for so much as SNEEZING at the wrong time. The skies are bleak with rain clouds that never rain, the land is withered and dying. And you're poor grandmother who took you in after your parents were killed right infront of you, is just barely clinging to life. When finally you decide. "You know what, screw this, i'm gonna train, and i'm gonna take on this evil myself. I'll probably die, but it's a hell of a lot better than living in fear every day!" And so the journey begins. And lucky for you, you have plenty of ways to go about doing this. I'll get to that in a bit. Firstly you need to understand, this world is hopeless. The prophecy foretold by the very God(s)/Godess(s) of the world did not come true, and even they feel sorry for the world they have let down. (So much so they forget to send their blessings ... maybe, idk.)

And in being hopeless, no one has any faith in you making it in this world, or accomplishing what you say you will. Getting them to belive in that is gonna be harder than you think. There are SOME who think like you do, but they are few and far between. As for how the GAME would work. It's a 3rd person action adventure game, with an open world. Think Skyrim and Legend of Zelda ocarina of time mixed together. And maybe a bit of hack and slash for good measure. Now, as I said, there are options on how you do this. And I mean LITERAL options, as in the menu. Here's the list of ideas I had.

1: Difficulty and AI. This comes with various sliders, that increase damage output, and damage reduction/defense for both you, and all enemies. As well as how enemies perform. You can eve set randomizers, for variety. Not every enemy you meet is gonna be a tactical genius, and not every enemy you meet is gonna be an idiot who can't swing a sword at a training dummy. This will allow enemies to be varied. You can run into a grunt who knows more than most, and might give you a hard time, while there is a commander who got his rank through sheer dumb luck.

2: Survival mode. This simply means you have to do normal human functions. Eat, drink, sleep, bathe, so on.

3: 1 hit ko mode. Simple as it gets. You get hit, you die. Does not have opposite effect. So really more of a hardcore mode.

4: 1 life to live mode. Perma death. You die, you start ALL OVER. And your saves are locked to ensure this. Witcher 2 did the same thing as I recall, and that was the inspiration for this entire idea. This would obviously be a bitch on max settings with the above two modes activated. But there is a way to save your skin, which i'll get to later. But let's face it, you'd have to be a masochist to play with those kinds of settings.

5: 300 days mode. (Number not final.) So the evil being's plan, is to completely DESTROY the world. But for the most part, you can just chill out, and go about the game, and save the day when you're ready. Well, not with this mode. You're now on a time limit of 300 in game days. So roughly 150 hours, maybe less to get the job done. And with a world that expansive, and filled with stuff, you're gonna be wasting some time. Especially since there's no fast travel. (Oh yeah, I went there. :icontrollfaceplz: ) Granted if you beat the game, you're free to do whatever you want afterwords, but before then, you've got a world to save.

I'm pretty sure there was another mode, but I can't remember it right now. Anyway. Your combat choices are as varied as they are in skyrim, if not more so. Swords, bows, daggers, axes, the usual shit. But then there's a wide variety of magic. Which takes time to learn mind you, so that's also a pain on 300 days mode. But you can also. Form an army of people, get specific followers, tame beasts. (All of which also take some fair amount of time.) And you can even grow up, and get married in this game. Let's say the kid phase lasts 10 in game days. And you can't start doing any serious adventuring until you become AT LEAST a teen. Though I think it would be hilarious if someone ran to the final boss as a kid and just beat him. That's right, the final boss is available right from the start. You don't HAVE to do anything. There is no story, save for the one YOU craft. If you take the time to talk with everyone, and do everything before fighting the evil, that's on your hands. But it's not recommended to fight THE FINAL BOSS as a freaking child. Who probably only has a wooden sword and shield mind you. (But hey, if Link can do it anyone can. Wind waker anyone?)

Anyway, back to the marriage thing. After the the kid phase, which is 10 days, you become a teen. That lasts about 15-20 in game days. And then you're a full grown adult. But you can marry and have kids as a teen. And bear in mind, you do CREATE your character, so you can be female if you so choose. And likewise, you create your children. Hmm now why would that be? Well, remember that 1 life to live mode? Well, if you die in that mode, you can take controle of your kids, and start all over, with half of the skills you already knew. And their children can take over if they kick the bucket. After all, they're all just as ordinary as you were. And of course, if they have a brother or sister, they can be companions that come with you. Maybe have a legendary duo of brothers that conquer the evil together. Idk, you're the one playing, do it how you want.

Now, that was if it were a game. As for the story adaptation, ... i'll work with it, and get something figured out if I go through with it.

a tall tower made of black bricks, that stretches above the clouds. At the top is a glass mosaic circle that peers down inside of the structure. (Kinda like a really big church with a fancy sunroof.) The circle is surrounded by four bell towers, one in each corner of the square tower. And two people battle atop this building as this song plays, and a crowd watches from below. This is potentially going to be in The worlds we know, or more likely Roses and Assassins.

Princess Sanza note: The Destroyer's true name is Endaria, and Masul never ACTUALLY understood her.

Hey when I said don't come down here, I meant it, the spoilers are on YOUR hands, not mine.

OK you guys, if you've DARED venture down here, when I told you not to, NOW I fucking mean it. GO BACK! This final picture is an absolute MUST NOT SEE! It's for the finally of GoL.



… Guardian of Light story. (The Light, human form, semi final or final chapter.)

Well today is where it begins for me. I would just like to say to any who come across this page, welcome. I plan on writting many stories. And I occasionaly upload Skyrim and Minecraft pics. Everything beyond this is journal's i've done since making this account, that i've moved to this one as reminders.

10 things I want people to know about me.

1: I wear glasses, but I have very good hand eye cordination. I can catch things out of the corner of my eye, that most people miss everytime. Needless to say i'm a good shot in games with a sniper rifle or bow. And in some cases, real life.

2: I don't like hunting or fishing. I've never even killed anything bigger than a wasp. ... HEY HE ATTACKED FIRST! I swear!

3: I used to hate music. ALL MUSIC! Now I can't imagin not having music in anything. So life is kinda dull lol.

4: I hate, no scratch that. I LOATH pizza. Entirely.

5: I used to be the angriest kid in my school. I never started anything, but I was always ready to finish it. I just got so sick of the abuse that I snaped. (By abuse, I mean insults.) Eventually I became the calm caring person I am today. And thank God for it. I really am a nice guy, and I will not hesitate to prove it.

6: This kinda goes with the last one. If anyone touches the back of my neck, that part of me comes back. It irritates the hell out of me, and it makes me want to grab my katana and start choping heads. I'm not kidding. Some people who think i'm a wuss, do it just to piss me off, and when I turn around. Well lets just say if looks could kill they'd be dead 5 times over. ... Yes I own a katana. Is there a problem with liking swords?

7: Fear has been very starnge for me. In a way it has controled me, and molded me into a better person. All my life I was so affraid of the conciquences of. "What if I do this? What would happen?" Fear kept me from doing many things, and in a weird way, I enjoy it. It's kept me in line, and even more so, given me a good aditude. But even the fear of having my consoles (PS3, Wii, etc.) taken away, or even just simply the fear of being yelled at, was enough to keep me out of trouble, or anything else.

8: This one is unexplainable for me. Now personaly I don't belive in ghosts, but whenever I think of them, it doesn't even matter what the reason is, if I even THINK about ghosts. My eyes begin to water uncontrolably. I don't know why, but they do. I'm crying my eyes out right now just typing this. Could it be sorrow for the dead? Is there something that i'm holding back, but can't remember? I don't know. But I don't like it.

9: This is a life style choice of mine. When I first typed this up, I didn't post this or the next one. I didn't want to say, because I didn't know how people would react. But I don't care anymore. When no one is home, i'm a nudist. So uh yeah. Hope that doesn't scar you guys. It's just how I like to live, it's simple, and much more comfortable.

10: When I want to, I can have a very twisted mind. Like this. :iconkiralaughplz::iconevilgrinplz: I can think of things that would scare most people out of their skin. If you want to know, note me or something.

Incase this is real, I don't want to lose my account, so this will be here till May 21st. It's a copy and paste by the way, but for the most part I think it's fake. Still better safe than sorry.

As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL  dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake. 

Thank you for listening,

-deviantART staff


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Believe me, I understand XD
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Hello :P
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What's up man owo/
brawl3678 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
nothing much
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Same. Also #delayedreply XD
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thanks for the adding my art in your folder >.<
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Of course.
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thank you for the many faves :P
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Of course.
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:iconshadowsgirl9:… Click, and be amused. And anyone else curious about this. It's just a funny short splatoon comic.
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:giggle: I am amused. 

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Good :3
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